The Portrait Machine

Photographer Carlo Van de Roer can see into your soul. Well, not really but for his Portrait Machine Project Van de Roer uses a camera that claims to be able to record what a physic might see when doing a reading. The receptors of the AuraCam measure the subject’s electromagnetic field by monitoring acupressure points that correspond to energy channels in the body. An attached data box converts the readings into frequencies that correspond to specific colors. The first exposure makes the Polaroid portrait and the second superimposes the color clouds. According to the color key, red people have courage and passion, orange auras imply sociable and creative moods, happy people show up yellow, green is the color of healing and peace, sensitive and solitary individuals are blue, violet is the hue of compassion and charm, and spiritual people glow white. Certainly, this is all very difficult to prove but Van de Roer sees it as “an excessive example of a familiar idea — that a camera can provide an insight into the unseen.”

Either way, it makes for some rad looking portraits and I kind of like the idea of a camera that can capture your aura. Read more about the “science” behind it here. Support the book project here.

images via

1. Yoko Okutsu

2. Sara Rossein

3. Terence Koh

4. Miranda July + Printout


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