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Flavorwire has come out with its list of the 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world and, although I haven’t been to any of them, here are some of my favorites on the list:

Selexyz- Masstricht, Holland: Corso Como Bookshop- Milan, Italy: Bookworm- Beijing, China: Shakespeare & Company- Paris, France: The Last Bookstore- Los Angeles, CA: It’s great to see that there are still a few, although definitely not enough, beautiful independent bookstores in the world. I think I’d like to one day visit them all- it’d be something like the seven wonders of the world but for books. Luckily for book lovers like myself, there are these type of bookstores and libraries still in existence in this age of e-readers and online mega-retailers (Amazon).

For the full story and list of 20 stores, click here.

Also, read/listen to this great little NPR All Things Considered story on George Whitman, founder of Shakepeare & Company, who passed away this past December.

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  1. Oh whoa, I’ll have to check out that Last bookstore in LA, it looks epic. Also, thank you so much for that waterfall restaurant suggestions! I showed it to my mom and she said that we would try to go there if we had time! I sure hope we do, it looks crazy! :)

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