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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2011):


They had said goodnight well over an hour ago.

But now as he sleeps beside her on the bed, she tosses and turns. Unable to sleep, she fumbles around in the dark to find her iPod. With her headphones on and music playing, she feels better for a while but then she begins to cry softly into her pillow. Half trying to wake him, half unable to help herself, her sobs become a little louder.

“Can you not do this tonight? I have work in the morning and am really tired,” she hears him say.

She starts to cry harder.

She cries because he doesn’t understand her. Or doesn’t care. She doesn’t know which it is or which is worse but what she knows for sure is that what she’s most scared of has happened– it has returned.

I know I talk about videos or articles from a lot but I just can’t help it, it’s one of my favorite websites and I love everything they do. Today’s NOWNESS posting is no exception as it features Ryan McGinley, a photographer/artists whose work I’ve followed since high school. The first time I was introduced to McGinley’s work was at the Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art and Street Culture exhibit at the OCMA (Orange County Museum of Art) back in 2005. An amazingly curated exhibit, Beautiful Losers featured works in a variety of media- painting, photography, film, sculpture pieces- by American artists such as Geoff McFetridge, Ryan McGinness, Spike Jonze, Ed Templeton, Mike Mills, and, of course, Ryan McGinley. McGinley stayed true to his distinct intimate and fantastical style in his latest project, Beautiful Rebels, and has created a lovely short to accompany the sustainable fashion brand Edun’s Spring 2012 campaign.

“That is why she so desperately wants to have that parcel of notebooks and letters.

She knows, of course, that there are also quite a few unpleasant things in the notebooks, days of dissatisfaction, arguments, and even boredom, but that is not what matters. She does not want to give back to the past its poetry. She wants to give back to it its lost body. What is urging her on is not a desire for beauty. It is a desire for life.”

-Milan Kundera, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

Flavorwire has come out with its list of the 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world and, although I haven’t been to any of them, here are some of my favorites on the list:

Selexyz- Masstricht, Holland: Corso Como Bookshop- Milan, Italy: Bookworm- Beijing, China: Shakespeare & Company- Paris, France: The Last Bookstore- Los Angeles, CA: It’s great to see that there are still a few, although definitely not enough, beautiful independent bookstores in the world. I think I’d like to one day visit them all- it’d be something like the seven wonders of the world but for books. Luckily for book lovers like myself, there are these type of bookstores and libraries still in existence in this age of e-readers and online mega-retailers (Amazon).

For the full story and list of 20 stores, click here.

Also, read/listen to this great little NPR All Things Considered story on George Whitman, founder of Shakepeare & Company, who passed away this past December.