As promised in my last post over a week ago, here is a quick account of my trip to Miami, which was short but overall pretty sweet. I won’t bore you with the hour by hour itinerary of our trip but share just the highlights. My traveling pals and I took the red eye out of LAX Sunday and landed in Florida in the early hours when the only thing open was Panther Coffee, which luckily was one of the places on my check list. Located in the Wynwood district, it was a good way to start our trip and day. Although nothing else was open at that hour, we got to check out the area which in the past few years has transformed from a warehouse district to the hub of street art in Miami. We then spent the rest of the day driving all around Miami and South Beach checking out the different neighborhoods and islands before we had to board the ship for our cruise, which pretty much consisted of lots of eating, relaxing in the sun, and gambling– a lazy, enjoyable vacation.

We got back into Miami Friday morning and spent most of the day driving around to check out other areas of the city and hanging out at the beach, which is so much cleaner and nicer than the beaches around here. Later that night we went back the Wynwood district so we could check out the galleries but still, not many of the galleries were open but we walked around and checked out the few that were. If I didn’t already spend so much on the trip I would have loved to buy some art but it was still nice to look. The center of the area is the Wynwood Walls, which opened in 2009 and features the work of some of the world’s most recognizable graffiti and street artists, including Invader, Ryan McGinness, Shepard Fairey, and RETNA. This neighborhood is definitely what I liked most in Miami and hopefully I’ll be able to go back during the Art Fair or Art Basal to explore the city some more.

Other highlights of my stay in Miami:

  • Eternity Coffee
  • Looking at houses
  • Relaxing on the beach
  • Happy Hour at Sugarcane Raw Bar
  • The Webster boutique
  • The Wolfsonian- FIU
  • People watching in South Beach
  • Late dinner at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

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