Live with Art

Ever since I was younger, I dreamed of one day having two main features in my future home, the first was a giant library like the one in Beauty and the Beast– wall to wall shelves full of books and the second was an amazing art collection. I’ve sort of been working on the former for years but only more recently have I started buying art. The first piece of art I ever owned was a painting by Alexandria Nechita, a child prodigy, that my aunt, who worked at a company that represented Nechita, gave me as a high school graduation present. Until more recently, that was the one real piece of art I owned. Probably because I only considered the art I learned about in school and saw in museums, I always thought of art collecting as something only wealthy people could do.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become interested in all kinds of art– things from and craft show artists to graffiti and famous artists exhibited in art museums. Of course, I can’t afford the art of the famous artists I admire but you gotta start somewhere, which is why I have become a fan of websites like 20×200. 20×200 makes it possible for anyone to start collecting art by featuring the work of emerging artists and works starting at $20 a print. These individuals may not be the next great artists but they are passionate about creating art and I think it’s amazing that they are doing what they love. So, in short, start collecting art– your life will be all the better because of it.

Untitled by Mike Monteiro

Start collecting today– use code “luckydaily4” at checkout and receive 50% any $50 print, today only courtesy of Lucky Magazine. Browse art here.

Also! I’ll be heading to Miami (and the Bahamas) next week so hopefully I’ll get to check out the booming art scene there. I’ll be sure to report on it when I get back.


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