’s Murakami Design Contest has a design competition going on their website where contestants submit drawings inspired by the writer Haruki Murakami. The above illustration is by kvnclu and one of my favorites of those submitted. I was introduced to the writings of Murakami by a friend about two years ago and feel in love with his work right away. The first novel of his I read was Norwegian Wood and since then I have read a number of his work and have enjoyed them all. I love that this competition asks contestants to take inspiration from a different art form (writing) to translate it into another art form (drawing), especially since Murakami does a similar thing with his work. Murakami is known for often making pop culture references in his stories such as the inclusion of the Beatles’ song “Norwegian Wood” in his novel of the same title. If I could draw I totally would’ve entered the contest but (sigh) I can’t. Anyway, check out the website (I’ve shared a video from there before) and the submissions here, They’re all pretty great.

Also, here is a chapter preview of Murakami’s newest novel 1Q84 to be released later this month. Check it out.


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