Monthly Archives: September 2011

and this is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever heard.


That is what makes Dallas Green one of my favorite musicians. Through his music aims to evoke emotions from the people who listen to it. While there is music out there with no lyrical substance, Dallas aims to tell beautiful yet sad stories through his music and make you feel. His music is poetry.

His most recent album is more complicated than the simple acoustic guitar and vocal songs he’s known for but lyrically his music is the same heartfelt, sad stories that I love him for. The song “Little Hell” off the album with the same title, is the best example of that. This song jumped out at me as one of the best of this album because the lyrics really resonated with me. I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a few years and although things have been reasonably well with us, I have always had a propensity for sadness and sometimes bring that into our relationship. Yet, he still loves me and wants to stay with me. This song is exactly what I feel and want to say to him. I want more than anything to make him happy and to be happy myself.