To Begin With

A little explanation of the title of my blog—where it comes from and what it means to me.

“I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” is the name of a documentary film about alternative country rock band Wilco. It is also the title of a song on their album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. The song is what made me fall in love with them. The line “I am trying to break your heart” itself is so intriguing to me. Whether we can help it or not, sadness is part of life. As people, we cause each other pain whether we mean to or not. It’s the most raw and true emotion, loving someone so much that it hurts and you want them to hurt too because you want them to feel the same. There is something absolutely beautiful in this kind of heartbreak, in completely opening up and being vulnerable.

Wilco- “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart”:

Maybe I’m somewhat prone to being oversensitive but I really think that it’s something that’s lacking in humanity– compassion. Yet, as people we have managed to create some of the most beautiful art.  Some art entertains, other art educates, and some try to make you take action and think about a subject. But I think the most powerful and vital art is that which reflects life and makes you feel provokes an emotional response from you.

So my blog will consist of whatever I find beautiful, whether that be film, literature, music, fashion, photography, stories, drawings; anything that is worth something to me. The things I post here inspire and move me.


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